What Is Keyword Research?


You conduct a keyword research when you are trying to find out which words (keywords) people actually uses in search engines when looking for a product, service, industry segments, other. This is the basic notion of ‘what is keyword research’.

For example, you may assume that people looking for a book called ‘My First RC Airplane’ type into the search box the following:

My First RC Airplane

Through keyword research you may find out that most people actually type:

My First RC Airplane book

This second keyword-phrase may be searched more times per month than the first phrase, or maybe this second phrase has fewer monthly searches but lower competition (competition = how many sites are trying to rank in a search engine to show up on the first page and trying to sell that same book; or volume and average cost of paid advertising for those keywords)

NOTE: The above phrases are totally made up, I didn’t research this phrase, it is just an example.

Why would you want to do a keyword research?

Identifying keywords people actually uses when searching for the type of product or service you are marketing will make the difference between success and failure when it comes to:

– generate traffic to your website (people finds you via search engines)

– converting traffic into sales (targeted traffic ready to buy find your page and may buy from you)

If people cannot find you they will never buy from you. This is why you want your site to be listed, for those search keywords you have discovered, as high as possible in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

If the people you attract to your website are not in a buying-mindset you wont’ sell much. People may not be ready to buy, they may be simply looking for general information on a product even just for curiosity. For example someone searching for

Brand-X Motorbike

may be looking for performance specifications maybe to compare to another motorbike. But, someone looking for

Brand-X Motorbike Discount or Brand-X Motorbike Best Deal

may be one step closer to actually buy that motorbike therefore a hotter prospect to sell to. If your site was to rank high in search engines for ‘ready to buy’ type of keywords, more people ready to buy may come to your site and are more likely to make a purchase! I am sure now you start to understand why you need to know the answer to what is a keyword research and how you can benefit form it.

In this case you would conduct a keyword research to find data about the best ‘ready to buy’ keywords you could optimize your site for; with the intent to attract ‘ready to buy’ traffic which will convert into sales at a higher rate.

I mentioned ‘optimize your site’ and I am of course talking about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. If you want to be found, you want search engines to list your site towards the top of the first page of results for keywords relevant to your product or service. You can help this by making sure your site is seen by search engines as a site offering content relevant to those keywords

You can optimize your site for search engine ranking in several ways, for example using those keywords you just found within the title of your site, using those keywords in your content and above all making sure your content is indeed very relevant to those keywords. SEO is a larger topic, I will discuss it in another article.

Also you may want to conduct keyword research to actually create a new name for a product or service, to find the best keywords for your paid adverts, discovery or niche products, niche marketing…

As you get more familiar with what a keyword research is you will see that it does get deeper and a bit more involved; at that point you will realize you can benefit from using keyword research tools to make your keyword research faster, more productive, more precise.

Indeed keyword research, depending on your needs is extended to researching other factors

– Website competition for those same keywords

– How well optimized (SEO) these competing sites are for those same keywords

– Pay Per Click competition from advertisers paying for ads placement for those same keywords

– How many times a keyword has been searched per month

– Estimated amount of traffic your could receive if your site was optimized for those keywords and listed in the top 3 listings on search engine results pages

– etc…

Good Keyword Research Tools allow you to achieve more and faster

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