What Is Email Marketing And What Are The Basics?


You may have asked yourself the question what is email marketing. You may also have heard about this term many times before but were not able to grasp the real concept behind it. As the name suggests this type of marketing uses email to communicate a company’s message and advertising campaign. This way of communication enables you to send promotional messages directly to your clients or target market.

You can also send email messages to people you want to acquire as potential future customers. By frequently sending these promotional letters, you can persuade current clients to return and make purchases again. This enables you to strengthen your relationships with all of your past and present customers. It also helps to builds loyalty which is important in retaining customers.

Before this type of online communication became an everyday part of life, companies would send promotional materials through the regular postal system, this promotional material was delivered in millions of mail boxes across the country. This method used up a lot of manpower, paper and time. Sending advertising content by email is more practical and cost effective than mailing promotional materials by snail mail.

Another way businesses used to disperse marketing materials is through printed newsletters. Some companies also insert advertising leaflets and coupons between magazine pages and newspapers. Imagine the labor needed to accomplish this task. It is also more environmentally friendly to send emails because it is paperless and requires fewer trees to be chopped down to make the paper.

Sending promotional letters by email is going to be cheaper than other forms of communication or advertising. With email, you also get to reach out to specific customers directly. Posting large billboards or ads on websites will require your target market to visit the site of the billboard or the website to see what you are offering.

Emails land directly on your customers’ laptop or computer monitor so to speak. People tend to check their inbox at least once a day, and there is no chance that your messages will be missed. Within email advertising, there are different types of this kind of marketing campaign. There is direct marketing, retention email, and advertising through other people’s emails.

Direct communication involves sending promotional material to clients that announce a special discount or offer. These are usually sent to a list of customers you already have names and emails of. You can also buy a list of emails to do this. Retention mail on the other hand takes the form of newsletters sent regularly to your mailing. Retention email does not just contain an encouragement to buy something but also contains informative material.

Advertising through other people’s email is a prudent way of promoting your company, product, or service. Your ads will be discreetly inserted into people’s emails that are sent to their friends and acquaintances. Basically this is the answer to your question what is email marketing. It is to be noted though that this kind of advertising is usually done with the recipients permission to receive the messages. There should always be an option on the email for the recipient to opt out of receiving your promotional messages.

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