What Is Email Marketing And Is It Effective?


So you’re looking for a new way to boost the profits of your online business, whatever it may be. Let me introduce you to email marketing, a great way to increase the volume of sales you are receiving on a regular basis.

Email marketing is a method that involves other people giving you there email addresses so that you can send them emails with promotional offers. To use email marketing, you will need an auto responder. This is very important as it makes life so much easier and makes you seem more professional at the same time. an auto responder is a tool that allows you to send messages to all of the people on your email list individually at the same time, with one click of a button.

If you sign up to one of the best autoresponder services, like Aweber or Mailchimp, you can then create a form, where anybody who wants to sign up can enter their name and their email address. You can then put this form on your website or blog, using the HTML code that you’re given. As you must have permission to include other peoples emails in your list, when people enter theirs, they will be sent a confirmation email. This will ensure that they haven’t been putting other peoples addresses in and make sure that they do actually want to receive emails from you.

Once you have a list that is growing, you can start sending mail to your subscribers. Alternate between sending them useful information and sending them promotional offers, so that they aren’t tempted to unsubscribe because of you trying to spam their inbox with offers. Spamming will get you no where as people will just be annoyed and think of it as junk mail.

Email marketing is very effective. A lot of people will just ignore any offers that you send them, however there are quite a few people, who are clearly interested in good quality tips and help as they signed up to receive emails from you, that do want to purchase products, whatever they may be. This can definitely increase your sales by a significant amount. The best way to encourage people to sign up to your list is to offer them something. You could say that if they sign up you will give them tips on how to do something based within your niche. If you own multiple websites in different niches then make sure to create separate lists and forms for each one, so that you don’t send the wrong information to the wrong people.

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