What Is Email Drip Feeding? What It Means to Your Marketing


What Is Drip Feeding?

The term used in marketing as releasing content or articles in pre-defined manner. Here the content on the web site is published every ‘n’ days or certain set time. This way the site owners can provide fresh content to visitors and search engines. These content can be published on the blogs, web sites or article directories. This fresh content through drip feeding keep the visitors and search engines coming back regularly.

What Is Email Drip Feeding?

The marketing technique of releasing or sending the content through email is called ‘Email drip feeding’. It is same like content drip feeding on web sites or blogs but the content is sent through email. Example is an ecourse that are sent through email messages.

Purpose of Email Drip Feeding?

* Better understanding:

Your subscribers can understand the content better if you send it as small quantities. Instead of sending twenty pages of eBook at one time, you can divide the content into introduction, detailed information, main problem if any and solutions with a link back to your web site or product page.

* More exposure to You:

More times your subscriber exposed to your content more chances of clicking your links and finish the necessary action like subscribing your other list, downloading a trial version, buying your software or join your affiliate program.

* Easy to funnel messages:

You can direct message(s) at particular time or date of the month or a certain occasions… For example, you can send fourth email in the drip feeding series on Easter to offer a discount. You can pre-define last message after certain period so the subscriber might be finished his trial version by that time.

How to Drip feed email messages?

To do email drip feed marketing, you need to have a follow up mailing list software on Your web site. You can load all your messages which are part of an ecourse or eBook and configure them at certain interval. Once you set it up, the system sends the messages to your subscribers based on time and date of their registration.

How often you send messages is entirely depends on the purpose of sending messages. Say you are sending messages to promote another list of yours, then you can send one email on alternate days for five to seven days. Because motivating to get subscribed is easier than buying a product. But if your intention is to sell a product, then send one email every three to four days for seven to ten emails. Reserve your last email to offer a promotion or discount.

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