What Is Bulk Email List Marketing?


Communicating with new and existing customers is a necessity for businesses. If a business doesn’t regularly interact with its customers and provide value, that business won’t remain top-of-mind. Although frequent communications is essential to success, businesses both large and small often don’t have the time to craft unique individual messages for every single one of their customers. If they did, they would spend so much time writing that they wouldn’t be able to successfully provide the product or service they aim to deliver.

In order to efficiently communicate with key customers, businesses often utilize what is known as bulk email list marketing. This form or marketing allows companies to send the same, or nearly identical, email to a list of all of its customers. The email is created and often loaded into a software tool that is able to automatically send these emails on a schedule set by the marketing team. Whether they are sent out early in the morning in order to show up in customers’ inboxes before they leave to go to work, or after lunch when they are returning to their desks and refreshing their inboxes, this automated schedule ensures that the emails are sent on a set schedule and without fail.

While it does save time and effort to just send one email to all customers, many companies slightly differentiate their email campaigns in order to better resonate with the different niches within their target. For example, emails going to women may use a different color palette than those going to men, or the emails going to a younger subset may use a different tone of voice than those that go to the older customers. These nuances are often decided upon by the marketing team. Marketers who send bulk email listings do have the ability to communicate with large groups of people at once. But by tweaking the message for separate audiences, there is an increased likelihood that it will be read and well-received by the reader.

Additional Benefits

Email marketing campaigns are often used by businesses to promote products or services to consumers. Customers that go to a certain business’ brick-and-mortar store or website might not know about a new product offering or promotion going on. Because they aren’t aware, it’s as if they have a set of blinders on and they simply go in for what they’re looking for, look for it and leave. With email marketing, companies can provide information on things they want to draw attention to and attempt to gain awareness of a product that will hopefully result in a trial.

In addition to products and services, email marketing campaigns can also be used to promote special events. Being able to have an invite with details saved in their inbox to read at their own convenience may increase the likelihood that customers will be aware of your event and attend. And to go one step further, by sending these email campaigns out in batches, you are able to efficiently communicate with your entire customer base with the click of a mouse.

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