What Is Amazon FBA?


A question that is on many people’s lips is “What Is Amazon FBA”? To help me explain what Amazon FBA is, let us look at a little story, of how Amazon FBA can help you take your online selling business to the next level.

Amazon FBA or to give it, it’s full name Fulfilment By Amazon is a program set up by Amazon that allows you to use Amazon to warehouse and then send out your items (and also always you to sell your items on the Amazon Site). Amazon FBA is very simple, but at the same time is a very powerful and can take your business to the next level for very low costs.

Imagine the scene you are busy doing your product sourcing and have picked up some books, CD’s DVD’s, Home and Beauty items a few new toys (Yes items sold via Amazon FBA have to be either new or collectible). Now normally at the back of your mind you are thinking I wish I could buy more stock, but there is no more room at home. This is where the Amazon FBA comes into play. And you can just test the water out of using the basic Amazon selling account or you can be a Pro-Merchant, it does not matter.

You come home and scan or list the items as usual into your Amazon selling account and a few clicks later, you print out some bar codes which you must put over the original bar code on the item (Yes items will need to have a bar code or listed on the Amazon site). A few more clicks and you print out a packing slip which goes in the box or boxes. You then book a pick-up from a carrier and this does depend on where you live and how you pay for it – each country is different.

Next you complete the order and wait for the order to be picked up and within days your item will be in the Amazon warehouse being sold for you and you can sit back and bank the money. Amazon FBA deals with payments, shipping, and customer emails, you just need to source more stock and bank the money.

Yes there are some extra costs that Amazon charges but these are low, and the savings you make on the postage is fantastic – remember you are using Amazon’s buying power and no more queues in Post Offices and no more having to buy bubble wrap and boxes.

Something else people do not realise is that you can use Amazon FBA to ship out to your eBay and other buyers. Yes Amazon store the items, and send the items out for you. And for very little cost and in most cases a lot cheaper than you can do. All the pricing information can be found on your countries Amazon site. Just do a search for Amazon FBA.

Go on and give it a go, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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