What Is A Targeted Keyword In Search Engine Marketing?


In search engine optimization one of the most effective methods of elevating your search engine ranking is utilizing targeted keywords. What exactly are they? A targeted keyword is a word or group of words that can bring links back to your website for the terms that you are trying to rank with. An example is if you are a chiropractor and you are want to rank high when people type in the words Phoenix chiropractor.

When picking out targeted keywords for your Internet marketing campaign, is extremely important to pick out terms that people are actually looking for. There is a free software that Google has called the Google AdWords Keywords tool. It is free and what it will show you is exactly how many people in the United States are searching for the terms that you are interested in.

So let’s go with the Phoenix chiropractor example. If you type that in to the Google keyword tool, what you will see is the first thing telling you how many people search for those terms. Currently it’s around 5400 searches per month. But then below that it will show you other keyword combinations that searchers are typing in also looking for chiropractic services. Those are potential options for your keyword selection in your search engine marketing campaign.

Every nuance of terms will give different results in the search engines. Changing the order or words, making them plural, even the little things will alter the results. The terms “Phoenix chiropractor” will turn out different results than “Phoenix chiropractor” even though they are so close in spelling.

If you pick too many keywords to try and rank high for you will have a very difficult time ranking highly for all of them. That is, unless you have a hefty amount of manpower to work on the internet marketing campaign, and a very large budget, it would be prudent to select around 15 to 20 keywords total and work on those from the beginning.

Once you have your keywords selected, then it is time to make sure that those are terms you can rank high for. For example if you live in an extremely large city and you think you’re going to rank top five for a generic search term such as personally injury lawyer, you really need to think twice about that because it may take you two years to achieve rankings for such competitive terms. So you should think about better terms for your keyword targeting.

One would be a geographic modifier such as “Phoenix personal injury lawyer” or whatever the appropriate city or state may be. Another is adding another more words to the keyword which makes it a “long tail keyword”. An example of this would be going with the initial example Phoenix chiropractor a “long tail” version would be Phoenix Arizona Chiropractic Center. Less people search for those combination of terms, but you would have a higher chance of ranking better.

Not only is it important to have the right combination of keywords, but also to consider keywords that are not overly competitive that you can get rankings in a reasonable amount of time. If the keyword selection is right you should be able to do that for some keywords within a few months and others in a few years.

Embarking on an internet marketing campaign entails a lot of factors and if you are not well-versed in how to do it it would be best to utilize the services of a professional. Because the Internet can be such a huge bonus for acquiring business, it would be best to enlist the services of a company that is well-versed and has a track record of success for search engine marketing.

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