What Is a Search Engine Spider?


A search engine spider is a program that will seek out information on the internet and use it to provide search results from a search engine. In order for the search engines results to relevant and current these spiders must endlessly supply and update the information for the websites to the search engines.

Spiders also known as crawlers or robots, are primarily used by large search engines to gather information about your website and what content is offered. The spider will then gather the information from your website and create indexes that will offer people searching for something on the internet the information gathered and post a list of sites relevant to what the person is searching for.

The information provided to the person searching is based on what keywords they used when submitting the search. The results are based on what the spiders thought to be relevant while they were on your site. This is how many search results are created and offered to the person who is doing the searching to find a site that offers information pertaining to what they were looking for.

Having your site visited by a spider can help promote your site and have it included in search results. One way to attract spiders to visit your site is to incorporate back links into the development of your website, this is something that many developers often overlook, but is important to remember if you want spiders to visit your site and gather relevant information that can be used to help your site be included in search results. By including back links it provides the spiders with a path into your website and a way to get out again.

The best way to invite spiders to visit your website is to insure that your website is created using HTML. This will make it easier for spiders to understand the information that is included in your website. It will also allow them to follow any tabs and understand the information listed on other parts of your website. After they have gathered all the information necessary to build an index and include you in any queries pertaining to services or products that are offered on your site.

By allowing spiders access to your website your inclusion into any search results will be more likely than if you opted to not allow spiders. Ultimately it is your decision and you should ask your website designer to include pathways to allow the spiders to visit your website.

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