What Does SEO Have to Do With Using Google AdWords for Search Engine Marketing?


Believe it or not, many people still don’t clearly understand how search engine optimisation has to do with placing an advertisement on AdWords. Many of the pros of internet marketing were blind to this fact in the beginning, so there’s no need to feel alone.

First of all, it’s important that you understand the company behind this popular advertising platform, and that is none other than the huge conglomerate known as Google. Some may say this company is taking over the world, but they do have a unique way of making sure the right information is delivered to the right people.

One of their ways of doing this is to implement what is known as the Google Algorithm. This is the way that Google classifies the quality of a site. When their spiders crawl a site to find out what keywords it’s related to and how high in quality the content is, Google gives it what is known as the Google Quality Score and are Google AdWords.

This little score will end up determining how much you have to pay per click in order to get your advertisement to your website featured for the keywords which you’re targeting. This is why it’s crucial that you try to write an article and post it on your website for each major keyword that you’re going to be targeting in your Google AdWords campaign.

Not only will this help let Google know your website is top-notch and should have a chance in ranking in the first few pages for keywords, but it also helps drive down the costs of using AdWords for your search engine marketing needs.

Stay tuned as there are more great posts like this one coming up in the near future that are sure to help you dominate the search engines like nobody ever has before!

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