What Day Shouldn’t I Send an Email?


Is it Monday, Friday, The weekend? Or even bank holidays?

This question is asked too many times for us to not write about it.

Many of you have the mentality of: “oh I don’t want to bother my email list” or, “I don’t want to seem pushy”.

But the fact of the matter is that email builds trust.

And if building trust is pushy and bothers some then they do not even deserve to be on your email list and frankly you shouldn’t want them on there.

But of course there is that one special day that you shouldn’t send your list any emails.

What is the day I shouldn’t send an email to my list?

The day you wake up and say: “hey you know what? I don’t feel like making money today”.

That is the only day you should never write your list an email.

Seriously though, how can you even think there’s a day in which you shouldn’t send an email?

Repetition deepens the impression

Sending emails builds trust and it also deepens the impression you have on that particular subscriber.

When someone subscribes to your list they have already told you that they WANT your emails so why would you shy away from sending them more?

Do you want them to forget you and forget even why they signed up to you in the first place?

No you don’t, so send them emails often so that they can be constantly reminded of you.

And if they do feel like they are being bothered and unsubscribe from your list then GOOD.

If they do complain then that’s also good because that’s just another form of confirmation that these leads were no good to you and your sales team.

These are the types of subscribes you don’t want because they are not interested in building a relationship with you.

Now I’m assuming your email content is great because if it stinks then that could be a good reason for unsubscribes, so assuming your content is great then why in the world would you not want to share it with your subscribers every day?

Our challenge for you

We want to challenge you to write some provoking emails for the next 7 days.

Write emails that encourage discussion, action and engagement.

Write 7 of these emails and then schedule each one to be posted to your list for the next 7 days so that you are sending them an email a day for a week.

Before the week is up prepare another 7 for the following week and run the same campaign.

If after these two weeks you have fewer subscribers then you know what you have done right?

You have shaven off the bad and grown the good.

Because those who did engage, take action and join in discussion are now moving up the level in their sales cycle and you know why?

You will have increased their trust for you.

So don’t worry about the losses but rejoice in the gains.

As with most things it’s all about: quality over quantity.

Being afraid to lose subscribers is losing you money.

Which is more important?

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