What Can We Do to Customize a Website?


In order to create a professional looking webpage here are a few things to keep in mind.

Color Schemes and Themes.

One thing we should NEVER do, is to mix two very different colors, such as purple and yellow. Now it may look great to you on screen but for a more professional look we need to design with matching colors. It is also important to keep all words visible including links before and after being clicked.

We need to take the time to match themes to suit the company or the organization. I recently created a theme for a cabinet company and used a wood panel as a background.

In regards to font we must be careful not to get carried away, people need to be comfortable reading our articles not just looking at the cool fonts. Keep it simple and remember to use the same font through out the site.

When thinking of e-commerce we need to decide if a shopping cart is necessary, generally speaking if you have less than ten products a shopping cart is just overkill. You also need to decide what kind of merchant account to have in order to accept credit cards. PayPal is widely accepted as a reputable service and is well recognized by customers. The other thing that is attractive about PayPal is that it easy to set up a business account,it is also very affordable with no monthly fees and low fees for processing credit cards.

We must always think of compatibility be sure to test the site in all browsers and even mobile compatibility is of utmost importance. One big thing I see very often is pop-ups on mobile sites that are impossible to close out,want to chase away visitors do this and they will never be back.

SEO is the most important of issues. You can have the best website, the best product at the best price and without proper SEO you will not get any visitors. I just spoke to a company today about pricing for SEO and was shocked at the prices being charged, I assume that these prices are also being paid because the company stays in business. There lowest package is $300 a month with a $750 set up fee. For $300 you get 1 hour of SEO work on your site.

This goes to show the importance of SEO and also that there must be a large return on investment.

The good news is that we can do exactly the same things this big company is charging huge amounts of money for by ourselves with a small amount of work and some free software. But more on this in another article.

We must spend time planning before attempting to create a website.

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