What Are the Essential Elements of a Great Product Page?


Whether your ecommerce site only has a few items or you currently have thousands for sale, the design and composition of your product pages can have a huge impact on your overall conversion rates. Since it would be hard to find an ecommerce site that wasn’t interested in selling more, here are the seven elements you need to have in order to maximize conversions:

More than One Picture
While there’s no magic number for how many pictures you should have of each product, it is important to have more than one. When potential buyers are able to see the product they’re considering from multiple views, it will significantly increase their confidence that they will receive what they expect.

Rich Snippets
Although this is a topic that can get bogged down by technical details, all you really need to know is this reason it’s worth implementing is it can add extra information to Google results. And since that information will grab people’s attention, they’ll be more likely to click that search result instead of the other 9+ on the same page.

A Video or Other Interactive Element
Not every product is the ideal fit for a video. But even if that approach isn’t right, it’s still worth getting creative and thinking of a way to add at least one interactive element to your product pages.

Reviews and/or Other Social Proof
When a potential buyer can see that other real people have purchased what you’re selling and have been very satisfied with it, they’re able to significantly reduce their anxiety. The important thing to keep in mind is since online users are always skeptical that reviews may be fake, it’s crucial to show that the ones on your product pages are from real people.

Responsive Design
Since a large percentage of shoppers are using their phones and tablets to browse and ultimately buy, it’s important that your site provides a great experience on all screen sizes. The best way to accomplish that is by utilizing a responsive design that automatically adjusts to any screen.

While the specific method of personalizing a product page or your entire site will depend on exactly what you’re selling, just remember that the easier and more pleasant you can make their experience, the more motivated someone is going to be to purchase from your site instead of a competitor.

Social Login Option
It’s common for shoppers to add multiple items to your site’s bag or cart. And while they may be very serious about purchasing, there’s a chance that they want to wait or simply don’t have their card nearby. If you want to ensure they’re able to easily save their selection, provide a social login option. Not only can that work for saved carts, but it’s also an excellent way to avoid the friction of them having to think of a new password during checkout.

Once you have a chance to integrate all of these elements into your site and product pages, you should be very happy with the positive manner in which visitors react to them.

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