What Are Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?


Affiliate Marketing is simply selling someone else’s product and receiving a portion of the sale for your efforts.

To make this even clearer, consider the following real world situation as an example of how Affiliate Marketing works on the Internet.

You stand on a street corner next to a ladder and hold up signs that say Do You Need A New Ladder? and Check Out This Awesome Ladder.

Throughout the day, people interested in ladders approach you and you talk with them about the ladder. At the end of the conversation you say “Hey, you can pick up one of these babies over at Bob’s Hardware Store.”

Some of the people that you referred to Bob’s Hardware Store aren’t going to actually visit the store. But some of them will; and if they buy the ladder that you were promoting, you receive a commission for referring the customer to Bob’s Hardware. It’s that simple!

On the Internet, there are thousands of companies willing to pay you an affiliate commission for each customer you send to their website who makes a purchase. In marketing lingo these companies are called Vendors, and you (as the person who sent them the customer) are the Affiliate.

If you understand SEO (search engine optimization) you’ll be able to effect where your web pages turn up in the SERPs (search engine results pages). In other words you’ll be able to enhance your rankings in the search engines, or make your pages appear higher in the search results, enhancing your chances of getting page views.

Unfortunately it is very common for people to create outstanding blogs or fantastic web pages, but because their sites are not optimized for the search engines, their pages don’t show up when the keywords that they’re targeting are searched for.

Say you run a website about organic gardening, and you’ve published an article titled “How to grow organic vegetables in any climate.” If you haven’t paid any attention to optimizing your website for the search engines, then your article probably won’t appear in any search engine results, even if someone searched for the exact name of your article.

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