What a Business Email Hosting Provider Can Do for Your Venture


Business email hosting providers help businesses and professionals to keep their email inbox safe, secure and clean, at affordable prices. Moreover, these solutions are nothing new, as they have been available for years.

What has happened recently is simple: the marketplace has grown, so while the demand is rapidly increasing, the offer is not that exhaustive yet.

Nowadays, there are only a few notable firms offering business email hosting with premium options for their members. Next we are going to briefly review the best features, benefits and advantages we can find on most of these services, without giving out names.

We let you do your research and come to your own conclusion. Look at these as simple guidelines.

Feature #1
Unlimited email/data space

Send and receive as many emails with large attachments and manage an indefinite number of contacts

Not all merchants are offering unlimited space with their email; for example Gmail are offering limited free storage, while offering an increase in their storage with each month.

You will be able to manage large email accounts, hassle-free, straight from the web panel, through a computer or smart phone with WiFi access; you are no more being dependent on an email client or software.

Feature #2
Email archive

Benefit from your past email correspondence and access emails that were once deleted with the built-in search function.

Retrieving your deleted email data should be easy, and most business hosting merchants are offering this option with a 3, 5 and even 10 year archive, that can extend for many years for an additional measly fee.

Data protection is the key and an archive looks as being the ideal solution for litigation cases for example, and not only.

Feature #3
Anti-spam filters

Keep unwanted email from your inbox

With a growing number of malware, spam and phishing emails, these providers are offering their members the right inbox de clutter remedy. If you want to protect your computer and mobile phone from harm, then you need to select your email hosting provider with careful attention and not rush the research.

As with every service, each email hosting merchant has very similar features and benefits, at different prices. You should decide on what is the most important to you: space, data backup, privacy & protection are options one can find on most if not all email providers. You get what you pay is a true saying, so watch out!

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