Website SEO – Ways to Achieve Search Engine Rankings


This information will walk you through the steps on ranking your website or blog inside the natural search results. First off, permit me to explain what website SEO is. Remember this is a group of techniques that will tell Google and other search engines like Google that your particular website will be the authority within your chosen industry or niche.

It is a pretty esoteric concept, so people ask me as to how this is possible? How can you talk to the search engine, do you work for or with Google? They are all valid questions.

There are two major website SEO areas that anyone needs to complete to get a successful business website.

1. Onsite search engine optimisation. This consists of making changes with the actual HTML code throughout your website pages. Today’s article will take into consideration these techniques.

2. Off-site search engine optimisation. It is really an ongoing process and it will be done on other sites. Then entire listing of techniques inside this side of the house basically come down to creating backlinks to your own website. This is covered in a different article

So, what are the HTML changes needed for onsite SEO? Right here is the list that absolutely should be followed to acquire any success in ranking with search engines.

* Keyword research – this step is universal and it is essential for onsite and off-site SEO effort. This involves using a existing keyword research tools to find out what folks are searching for that relates to your small business or niche. Upon getting identified these phrases that are also termed as long-tail keywords, you will end up using those throughout your SEO work.

* Title meta tag – change the title meta tag to include any amount of your keywords you now have selected within a previous step. One rule here is that the total count of characters does not exceed 70 including spaces

* Description meta tag – This can be a brief summary from your webpage. It is just what searcher sees as component of your result record on the search engine page. The length with this text should not exceed 160 characters including spaces.

* Keyword meta tag – some state that this tag is not really utilized by search engine algorithms any more, however it doesn’t hurt to include it as part of your home page HTML code. This tag includes a handful of your key phrases from the initial step. Every keyword has to be separated by comma character.

* Webpage text content – write the copy of this page that contains 150 to 300 characters. This is a good number which is usually friendly with most online search engine algorithms. Just remember to include an adequate amount of keywords that were identified in the first step. This is whats called keyword density and often help search engines determine what your website is all about and rank it appropriately.

* Webpage image, audio and video content – include videos, images and audio recordings on your own site. This just not only helps your rankings, but in addition makes your products more appealing to your visitors.

Following these simple website SEO tips will insure that the site is visible by all the major search engines plus popular with the viewers.

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