Website Conversion: How to Improve Your Rate


In addressing all the ingredients of a successful on-line marketing campaign, we can get so inundated with keywords,search engine optimization, learning and integrating social media into the design, split testing and measuring results that we can overlook our goal: the call to action or CTA. What is a CTA? Marketing experts define it as a statement found near the end of a commercial statement summoning a consumer to act. Sounds simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, many designers err on the assumption that one page can do everything-the online potential customer is confronted with a page so full of content and of links that she leaves the site without doing anything.

If you’ve been doing marketing for any length of time then you know that there must be a relationship between you and your customer. That relationship is determined by the goal of the customer who arrives at your site.

There are 4 reasons for her to get to your page: she knows what she wants and wants to buy or has an idea but is doing research on products that you sell, she is looking for something but is not at all sure what or she made a mistake and did not intend to land on your site at all.

The first 3 types of customers can be converted if:

  • Your page passes the AIDAS ( attention, interest,desire.action,satisfaction) test.
  • Does the page grab your visitor’s attention fast? Like in 8 seconds or less?
  • Does your copy stimulate the reader and convey confidence that she is in the right place?
  • Does the page inspire the visitor to take action?
  • Once she has clicked, does she get something right away to assure her that she did the right thing: A receipt detailing the purchase, a thank you page?

Here are some ways to assure your page passes the test.

  1. Be crystal clear about the action you want your visitor to take: if you want her to sign up for your newsletter then use those words; if you want her to buy now due to a discount then use simple declarative phrases like “buy now” “click here.”
  2. Consider the use of landing pages to assist you with simplifying your site design.
  3. Do not confuse the action with irrelevant copy or additional links.
  4. Provide a reason for the action. If you are looking for subscribers, offer free informational materials relevant to your product.
  5. Show your visitor what she is buying with a phrase that clearly conveys what she will receive: “Buy now and save 10% off the regular price” or “Sign up now and you’ll receive my free EBook about marketing.”
  6. Remember the rules of writing clear copy:
  • Use only the words that matter.
  • Use plenty of white space.
  • Get rid of extraneous adjectives.
  • Remember mobile devices and keep your CTA above the fold.
  • Stick to this one offer.
  • Write with “whar’s in it for her” in mind at all times.
  • Use your submit or buy now button liberally in your ad.
  • Consider using red or orange for the button.
  • Be concise but clear.
  • Test.

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