Ways to Create Your Own Opt-In Page


There are as many ways to create your own opt-in page as there are different designs, sizes and shapes.

What is an opt-in page? An opt-in page is a landing page that is separate from your website or blog pages. It has only one purpose and that is to gather email addresses to add to your list. To be successful in your list building you must first get your potential subscriber there and second you must give them some impetus to enter their address.

First you have to get your potential customer to your opt-in page so you must either advertise with CPA or PPC, email marketing, or article marketing. Once you get them to click the first time you must get a second click and that is on the opt-in page.

You have many options when it comes to formatting the opt-in page. You can use a long form sales page that gives in detail why your services are unique and superior and what the subscriber will receive when they enter their information. For example a newsletter that helps to build lists.

You could use a short form that pops up when they click a link. This form would be short and sweet and get directly to the point. Remember you are farming for email addresses here the risk is very low to the subscriber and he can easily unsubscribe or delete your newsletter when it does arrive.

You could use a video to get your message across. Video is very powerful but it can be a little intrusive especially to someone surfing at work.

After you decide what format you want you have to write the copy. All of this is dependent upon the product you are selling, that is if you are selling a product. You want everything you do to stem from the product you want to sell. If you are attracting subscribers to sell advertising to a third-party you still want to have a quality product.

Writing copy is possibly the most difficult part of your opt-in page because you must use your creativity to promote what it is you are selling while directly relating to your potential customer. It is a balancing act but the truth is the only way to go. Under Promise and Over deliver is a good mantra. Remember you are at the beginning of a relationship where it’s critical to develop trust.

You can create an opt-in page as a separate page on your website and get a form from an email marketing company to place on your page. This same company can collect your email addresses and be set up to send an auto respond message when you get a new subscriber.

It can be quite the maze when creating and using an opt-in page but it still is the best way to build a high quality list.

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