Video Emails – The Next Generation


We all know that written emails can be a pain. When we receive too many we tend to delete them without even reading them. So why are video emails the next generation? When you send a video email it gives your client a visual voice and face, which ultimately creates a more effective message. As a small business TV broadcast may not be an option because of the costly air-time fees, but since we have the Internet, a small business can use the same traditional broadcast as larger companies by promoting their businesses with the help of video emailing. With the rising popularity of daily Internet usage and the availability of free services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, people have come up with less expensive but effective alternatives to promote their businesses obtaining the same results as traditional television advertisements.

The fact of the matter is everyone prefers to watch and listen rather than reading long boring lines of text; so it’s safe to say that utilizing video emails to market a product or business is more effective in holding a potential clients attention. The audience that you target will require less time in understanding what you offer and there is a greater chance of receiving a positive response in return. One things for sure, your Video Email requires less typing, composing and proofreading which must be done prior to sending text emails.When sending a text email message which may be colorful or very well written, it can never deliver the passion or emotions that you want to portray; but with the help of a video email your client or potential clients will watch, hear and feel your passion as well as your dedication for your business and the services you may offer.

One of the easiest ways to send a video email is send it as a YouTube video/ Gmail message or any other email marketing site. Although this may be a way to distribute, you still have to develop the video email which may seem costly to some. So to alleviate high cost it is easier to purchase a web-based platform that will brand your company and give you total control over your marketing business or product.

Creating video email is not a very hard task. Just three simple tools, a camera a microphone and recording software. The camera can be a good web cam or a professional recording camera. The mic may be internal or external coming from your camera. And the software can be your basic recording and editing software, like Roxio or Windows Movie Maker which will help to finalize your job. The quality of hardware and software is totally up to you in terms of professionalism and, of course, the budget you attach to the project. Once you have completed your video you can use any compatible service to send your video to your clients. But for the best success obtain a reputable web-based service owned and operated by you would be a better plan. This type of opportunity puts you in a position to brand and market your services. If you prefer a paid service with a few added functions to ease up the process, then you may want a service that will not only give you the video email service but you own personal Internet channel as well.

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