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In its statistical definition, multi-variant testing pertains to a method for testing out hypotheses on intricate multi-variable networks, particularly utilized in testing market perceptions. However, when associated with online marketing, multivariate testing is defined as a process in which more than a single part of a site or page is tested within a live setting.

For quite some time now, online marketers and website owners have focused too much on driving traffic as much as they can into their website or web pages. Though traffic is crucial for the survival and profitability of your eCommerce business, the real focus should be how you can convert more website owners and visitors. Efficient website optimisation and testing can assist one in improving their website’s performance, functionality and profitability by means of increasing conversion rates of the traffic entering their site.

Two of the commonly used strategies for conversion and website optimisation are A/B and multivariate strategies. These two strategies will provide you with different design components and it is up to you to find the winning formula for your business.

Multivariate is the more complex methodology between the two, and it enables you to try out various page variables at a single point in time. Compared with A/B testing, multivariate testing can virtually examine countless variable combinations and the only restrictions are the span of time required to obtain ample data that you can use to come up with a logical conclusion. The more elements you include in the experiment, the greater the amount of time and data you will require to accomplish the test.

The process of developing this kind of experiment is identical with configuring an A/B testing examination, yet a slight difference is that the subject for testing is more involved during the process. There are different kinds of multivariate tests. Depending on how you allocate traffic within your combinations, the type of multivariate test may vary.

Full factorial testing is one of these types of multi-variant testing. It is the most popular type when people talk regarding multivariate tests. It works when one disseminates website traffic in equal proportions amid all combinations. For instance, if there are 16 combinations, each one will receive 1/16 of all the traffic you have at your disposal. Another is taguchi testing. This may be the most mysterious and less known type of multivariate testing. Fortunately, a quick browse and search in Google can lead you to a variety of tools that can cut your testing time and effort as well as web traffic requirements dramatically with taguchi testing.

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