Utilizing 3 SEO Features to Market Your Blog


SEO is a broad field that can be considered a by-product spawned out of necessity from search engines. In its most basic form, SEO is the process of optimizing websites to get it to the top of search engines such as Google and Bing. I say, it is a by-product because the online competition of businesses necessitates methods to stay on top of searches. There are a variety of ways to achieve this and I am going to highlight here the benefits of marketing your blog through SEO.

Currently, Google being the search engine giant that it is can be said to be the forerunner of SEO. All the other search platforms (and perhaps the wide Web too), are on its heels whenever it does something to its features and algorithms. Last year’s update, Panda, and this year’s Penguin update, can be cited as proof of how Google can direct various changes on the search landscape. So I am going to discuss SEO that is mainly based on Google.

Link Building
Probably, one of the most effective ways to boost traffic to your website is through building high quality links. It starts with getting another site which is well known in your niche to link to your website. This is called in-bound linking and can greatly help in convincing robots of your credibility online. Another good link building strategy is through using outbound links that are popular and authoritative sites. Thus, be mindful of who you are linking your content to so that it will not degrade your site’s rankings.

Content Writing
Of course, who would trust your website if it does not show relevant content? Google would place high value in sites that posts timely, fresh and most of all, related articles in your chosen niche. Moreover, you will also get plenty of visitors if you are making top quality content. If they find your information useful, they will come back for additional details or wait for a new post. This means, with high quality content, you are engaging your target audience and increasing your rankings for the engine bots as well.

Using the Right Keywords
Search robots enable users to find your site through a targeted set of keywords. Say for instance, a browser is looking for “blog marketing tips,” and if your content happens to contain the exact same keyword and it revolves around the topic, then there is a big chance that it will show in the first SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Hence, use the right terms that are in line with your topic and general niche. You can use the Google AdWords tool to know the list of keywords that are highly searchable to learn more about this SEO feature.

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