Using Web Analytics to Save Money in Business!


Web Analytics tools are a very powerful tool if you would realize their potential. And these days, there is no dearth of such tools. With new and revamped versions and use of the latest mapping technologies, the kind of charts and information these tools provide can be used greatly to your advantage.

Any good analytics tool offers a lot of information on demographics, keyword related searches, landing pages and more importantly exit pages. All of these cues can be used to your advantage. For example, an analysis of exit pages can be used to design new buttons which prompt a user to action and lands him on a, say, checkout page or on a page with a lot of options to club products and earn discounts or to a free video tutorial to learn about a product or even a testimonial page! Similarly, demographics can be used to concentrate ad campaigns to specific regions (too obvious). Traffic Sources can be analyzed to better understand how users are finding your site and then maybe using sponsored ads at some of these sources. Then again, the Mobile Visitor trending can help you realize whether or not you should spend money to build a special mobile version for your kind of website. Or you could simply go to your Analytics dashboard, see the overall Pageviews for the month, the bounce rate and Time Spent and then logout, like I promptly do. But then, even this can provide you with valuable information!

Now, I suck badly at analyzing charts and honestly I am too lazy to look at a chart and draw conclusions. But very recently, a simple observation saved me a lot of money. In fact, it helped me made some! I never cared to see this previously, but the charts I get to see from my analytics report for my business website can display daywise as well as hourwise. This (eureka) discovery actually brought a pattern right in front of my eyes. There was a specific time of the day (on 3 particular days of the week) I was getting the maximum pageviews. It was not always true, but there was definitely a pattern.

Now my ad campaign does not run daily (still short on budget). So, I decided to concentrate the ads around this time of the day. Obviously, the campaign gets exhausted soon because the searches are maximum (as the report suggested) at this time. But, the chances of conversion are greatly increased. This did bring me an increase too, although I am too lazy to analyze if it was an increase of 10% in the conversions or 43%. Maybe, some other time.

So my advice is that if you are running an online business, the first thing you need to do today is add some analytical intelligence to the website’s pages so that you get your hands on some real Visitor Trending information. Once you have that, keep aside a day every week to analyze how your website traffic is behaving. Take my word, the discoveries you will make will be worth every minute of your precious time.

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