Using Videos in Your Email Marketing to Gain Competitive Edge


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools to help you gain a market if it is effectively used. The barrage of emails that most people get on a daily basis means that your emails need to standout in the inboxes of the target consumers. This means that you must need proper email marketing strategies to guide you in crafting the messages you send to the consumers. One expert recommendation is that increased use of videos will give you a competitive edge over the competitors in the market.

The consumers are in love with interactive message types. They want to see something visual in their messages especially when these messages are trying to convince them to take up a certain product or service. A good understanding of the target consumers is the basis of all good email marketing strategies. Here are some reasons why the use of video needs to be one of your email marketing strategies. First, videos allow you to deliver more content in an interactive way. The average web user is unlikely to read a long essay on a product or service, but they will watch a video on the same provided it is informative and interesting.

Second, when you place video as the focal point of your email marketing strategies you make it possible for the brand image to be built. For a company to build a brand image, they have to personalize it by putting faces to their image. This is best achieved through the use of videos. Videos are one of the few email marketing strategies that will actually legitimize the email and cause the viewer to consider it as more of communication than marketing spam.

Third, videos like any of the best email marketing strategies employ content marketing at their core. They enable the business to get across useful information to their clients. This builds credibility and trust between the consumer and the business. The reward for this is that over time the business will build its own brand following.

In order to achieve success with such email marketing strategies you must place a focus on the quality of the videos that you create. It is also important that you make the video as concise and informative as possible as well. Make meaningful and genuine videos to gain the trust of your viewers. With trust, you create sales and with sales, you create repeated buys.

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