Using SEO to Manage Your Reputation


Why Online Reputation Management (ORM)? Because in the Online World, you will have larger audience and people are talking about every Ups and Down of their life online.

Wikipedia defines reputation management as the process of tracking an entity’s actions and other entities’ opinions about those actions, reporting on those actions and options; and reacting to that report creating a feedback loop.

Reputation means how your brand looks online positively or negatively and now traditional PR is temporary while Online information is permanent because search engine index the contents and informations permanently as long as a page is live on a web server.

Pillers of ORM:

1. Build your social networking profile in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and target multiple sites.

2. Build Your brand Pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Squidoo,etc

3. Maintain a Blog and use unique content in Blog

4. Engaging users via

[a] Subscribe by RSS feed

[b] Subscribe by email

[c] Sharing in Social Bookmarking Sites

[d] Using Google+, Twitter, Facebook plugins and widgets

5. Look out at On page and Off Page SEO factors

6. Image Optimization: Use multiple content for audience engagement

7. Video Speaks more than images: promote your Brand in video sharing sites like as YouTube

8. Use web conferencing, webcasting, webinar, etc

9. Make Groups and Add more and more audience and interact with them directly

10. Use of free gifts, items etc on social networking sites

Use of #tags are valuable on Twitter, Google+ and FriendFeed. try to make lot of friends on social sites and give them good stuffs. in Facebook page give some coupons to liker and try to use lots of applications and quiz and polls.

Now a days YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc; video sites are coming up in Google. so make some free video from your images and promote them into social media sites as well as free video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc;

The video must be promoted into social bookmarking sites as well as embed into your sites and blogs. and while promoting video don’t forget to give related tags. because search engines algorithms give prioritize to tags related to descriptions and title of the video.

Conclusions: “The Online audience is set to multiply five fold more within the next couple of years or so”

Monitoring and Planning Your online reputation should have creativity, research, authenticity.

Do you have an existing reputation management plan? Think creative and act wisely. Identify targets then monitor and analyze.

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