Using PayPal and 2Checkout for Automated Digital Product Delivery


Digital and informational products are huge on the web. They are fun to sell and buy and can provide instant gratification to both the buyers and sellers, providing the right method of automated delivery is used.

Buyers of these types of products are looking for instant downloads and have little patience to wait for manual delivery, even if only for a few hours. Automated download systems are perfect for this and there are several choices to consider, like to buy or rent.

Buying a script means you, typically, pay once on your own web space. Renting means subscribing to a service that may charge a combination of up-front fees, monthly fees and per sale fees. many services also provide their own payment gateway and allow users to make periodic withdrawals.

I have always preferred not only providing my own payment gateways but also owning and maintaining the payment and product delivery system.

The fastest, easiest and least expensive payment gateway to get into is, of course, PayPal. Particularly for instant downloads, mostly because so many solutions are available. However, if you want to make products available to more potential buyers in more parts of the world, it is important to offer an alternate payment method.

That is where 2Checkout comes in. They offer direct credit card payments in more countries than PayPal. And I guarantee that, if you do not offer an alternate payment method, you will receive many inquiries from customers looking for another way to pay.

Until recently, 2Checkout did not offer an instant payment API, meaning digital products could not be delivered instantly. But that has all changed, making 2Checkout and excellent choice for instant downloads.

While there are many script products that will deliver downloads instantly in conjunction with PayPal, not many offer 2Checkout capability as well. Two of these scripts are Digital Product Delivery for PayPal and 2Checkout and Digital Product Delivery Plus Affiliates.

Both offer integrated PayPal and 2Checkout payment gateway support. Just enter your PayPal email and 2Checkout ID and you are ready to accept payments. And both offer very secure methods of emailing both initial payment downloads as well as upgrade notices automatically. One even offers a built in affiliate system, allowing others to market your products for you, while receiving a percentage of the money from their sales.

Script products like these will save you loads of money over time because they require no subscription or percentage of sale fees.

So, if you have you own web space and know even a little about installing PHP scripts or know someone who does, this is the preferred solution.

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