Using Keywords In Domain Names – How To Dominate Search Engine Results Pages


Using keywords in domain names is one of the simplest ways to generate traffic to your website.

Doing some preliminary research on popular keywords in your niche will maximise your website’s presence on search engine results pages. And let’s be honest… this is what every website creator wants!

When you are considering using keywords in domain names, it is important to research first. Using the Google Keyword Tool will allow you to find long tail keywords that may not be as frequently searched as short tail ones. BUT this only means it will be easier for you to generate traffic to your site, as there will be less competition for this keyword on the search engines.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you are in the ‘making money online’ niche, and you want to create a website that shows people how to create their own website for free as a way of generating additional income.

A long tail keyword search like “make my own free website” will yield much fewer results than searching for a short tail keyword like “make free website.”

Therefore, there will be less competition for the longer tail keyword, and it will be much easier for your new website to be ranked higher by Google.

So… in this case, you should consider using “make my own free website” in your domain name — if the name is available of course.

If you use the long tail keyword in your domain name, when someone searches for that keyword exactly, you will have a far greater chance of that person landing on your website.

Using keywords in domain names is one of the easiest forms of online advertising there is. This can help you gain more traffic to your site, as long as the keyword is something that is relevant.

If possible, when using keywords in domain names, make sure the domain name is catchy and easy for visitors to remember. Make sure the domain name is relevant to your website and you will see your traffic increase quickly.

And a quick tip… don’t get cute and fancy with domain names (for instance don’t use the number ‘4’ instead of the word ‘for’ — tempting though it may be), as this is harder for a visitor to remember.

Google also responds better to straightforward, easily spelled domain names — and this will increase your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

I hope you have gained some insight into using keywords in domain names, and how it can assist you in generating traffic to your website. Good luck!

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