Using Free Magento E-Commerce Software For Starting Your E-Commerce Site


An increasing number of people are beginning to use the internet as a source for information and entertainment. For some, internet usage has even overtaken other forms of media such as television and radio as their primary source of information. Of course, companies no matter how large or small have capitalized on this change over the years, taking advantage of the increased use of the internet as an avenue for marketing and communicating with their customers. Online retailers are in abundance, either forgoing the brick and mortar store as a way to sell its products to the customer or supplementing their existing physical stores with an online storefront. Most new companies that are just starting out like to take advantage of hosted e-commerce solutions where affordability is important but with limited to no control over aspects like programming, security, and upgrades to the storefront. Of course, if you are looking for a more premium feel, going with a non-hosted Magento e-commerce solution can offer you downloadable software that you can install on your own servers, enabling full control over almost every aspect of your online storefront.

There are many e-commerce solutions that are out there, but what sets Magento e-commerce solutions apart from the others is not only is it open source and free, it is compliant with all web security standards, as well as credit card processing standards, while being easier to use than most other alternatives out there. Since the only way most online storefronts can accept payment is through credit card transactions, a Magento e-commerce package can connect with your merchants account, allowing payments to register in your existing account and will allow you to sell online. Once your merchant account becomes active, you can begin adding the products you want to start selling. As soon as this gets completed, your online storefront can go live and start accepting payments for products being sold.

Few free custom e-commerce packages can offer the same kind of customization and flexibility as Magento e-commerce solutions. Even paid programs have trouble rivaling the functionality being offered by Magento, which is why Magento has become the preferred non-hosted e-commerce solution for most businesses no matter how large or small. However, keep in mind that implementing the ability to accept credit cards online is only one step towards success. There are other responsibilities you will have to fulfill in order for your e-commerce site to become successful. Invest in proper marketing to increase your store’s visibility online and generate awareness among your target customers. Something as simple as taking good pictures of the products you are selling can result in a deal-breaker as customers can find themselves attracted to products that display well on your site.

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