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Are you using email marketing effectively in your business? Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers, and to get them to buy a lot of your products and services simply and easily. One of the elementary things that you will need to have success with email marketing is by having an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is simply a program or application that automatically sends out timely emails to the people who subscribe to your email newsletter. A good autoresponder service that you can sign up for is a service called “Aweber”. Aweber has a very good email autoresponder service, and its interface is very newbie friendly.

Having your own autoresponder is a great way to boost your sales and conversion rates. If you were getting 100 people to your website everyday, and only 1 out of the 100 people bought from you, you could easily improve these numbers by including an “opt-in” form on your website where people can subscribe to your email newsletter.

So on top of getting the 1 sale everyday, you can get even more sales by following up on the people who didn’t buy from you initially. This is an easy way to get about a 3% conversion rate from your email marketing plan. And all of this can be done on autopilot. You should check it out, it really works.

One thing that you definitely don’t want to do with your email newsletter is to email your prospects everyday. Your subscribers will get tired of seeing you everyday in their inbox, and you will become like a pest to them. And believe it or not, there are some people who email twice per day. People like this I immediately unsubscribe from because their emails are filled with sales messages that doesn’t help me at all.

You should keep your email frequency at around every 3 days. This is a good number. This is long enough for them to miss you, but short enough to build a good relationship with your subscribers. And like I said, you can put all of this on autopilot if you choose to do so.

Always include valuable content in the emails that you send out. Don’t send out sales pitches because people don’t want to buy from someone who they think is only after their money. If you want to be received and welcomed as a guest, instead of a pest… don’t email everyday. It’s the fastest way to get someone to unsubscribe from you.

Eventually you will build your list up to thousands of people, which in turn will only cause you to get sales on a daily basis. If right now if you have a list of around 100 to 200 people in your email autoresponder, then you can’t expect to see sales on a daily basis. The list is just too small. But once you get in the 1,000 and above crowd, you will start to see really good results.

Take these email marketing tips and use them to have a lot of success in your internet business. These tips work, and can allow you to have the kind of success in your business that you’re looking for.

Good luck with using these email marketing techniques.

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