Using Articles To Build Your Mailing List


Creating, building and nurturing your mailing list are extremely important parts of any new venture. After all, you want as many people as possible to be able to access your products, information or offers. There are many varied ways of doing this, but you may not have considered using articles, as this method can often be overlooked.

In this day and age, people want and need information which can be accessed quickly and easily, mostly online. With the ongoing development of phones and other electronic equipment, busy people can access the internet whilst on the move so it is very important that you give this careful consideration.

Decide which topics you are interested in writing about and then produce your own articles. Ensure that your articles are informative and accurate. Many publishers and directories will list your articles for you provided they think they provide the information their readers want. You will soon gain experience in writing and become known as a trustworthy source of valuable information. People will then want to read your articles whatever the subject you choose to write about.

I’m sure you’re now wondering how writing articles is actually going to help you build a mailing list. Well here’s the secret! At the end of your articles you can add what is known as a resource box. It can sometimes be called a bio box. In this resource or bio box you are allowed to add some personal information- perhaps a short description of yourself and what you do. You are also permitted to add 1 or sometimes 2 URLs for any websites you may have. This is the important bit as you need to make sure your URL link links directly to your mailing list’s landing page where visitors get the opportunity to leave their name and e-mail address. This in turn allows you to increase your mailing list with no actual cost to yourself – a fantastic reward for the time and effort you have put in creating and producing your own articles.

Ezine publishers welcome quality pieces of writing and will republish your articles for their readers and subscribers, automatically increasing the opportunity for greater visibility for your resource boxes. This is what is known as viral marketing. You have spent your time writing the articles and no further effort is required on your part if they go on to be published along with the business links you have provided. A very worthwhile exercise I’m sure you will agree!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and that it has perhaps given you some ideas to set you off on your own article marketing journey.

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