Useful Tips To Improve Customer Feedback


Feedback from its customers is very important to a company. It tells them if their customers are satisfied or not. It also gives the company the chance to get detailed views and opinions from their customers. It is necessary for a company to see where they are going wrong and what they can improve on. It is essential for you to start using email marketing to get to know your customers better. A great way to collect feedback from customers is through surveys.

The designing of a questionnaire is important. The first thing you have to think of is what you want to find out from your customers. Do you want to find out why sales have gone down or do you want to try to create a new product? When you know what you want to achieve from the survey, you can create a questionnaire based on your objectives. Don’t waste time asking irrelevant questions or your customer will get bored and stop filling it out.

Designing your questions is also important. There are different types of questions to use based on what you want to find out from the customer. Examples of questions are open ended questions, Likert-scale, multiple choice and categorical questions. Open-ended questions allow you to find out more detailed information from your customer. For example an open-ended question could be Which one of our products is the best and why? A Likert-scale question measures a customers attitudes towards a subject on scale from 1 to 5, one being don’t like and 5 being like very much.

This type of question is good for asking opinions on a company’s products. A multiple choice question allows you to find out for example which of the company’s products is the most popular. Categorical questions help put your respondents into categories such as gender and age bracket. All questions should have an I don’t know or not sure answer.

Questionnaires should be kept concise, the less questions the better. If a survey is too long, the customer will get bored and not finish it. It is important to use natural and familiar language so it is not too complicated for your respondents.

Customers should be informed why the company is conducting the survey and what objectives they aim to achieve.

This keeps the relationship between the customer and company strong as the customer feels as though they are involved someway with decisions in the company. Analysing the findings is essential as otherwise it was a waste of time conducting the survey. If the survey was designed well the findings should help the company meet the objectives set out at the start.

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