Unleashing the Power of Email Marketing


Email marketing is a way to contact existing and prospective customers directly; it is a very powerful marketing tool and should not be abused. It is advisable to follow certain protocols when you start an email marketing campaign so that you do not breach the privacy and spamming laws of different countries. Depending on the budget allocated will largely govern how the campaign strategy is presented to the target audience. Before starting the email marketing campaign there should be safeguards set in place that protect not only your prospective customers but also your own credibility.

The first step is to ensure that other recipients’ email addresses are not passed onto to other people. The way to do this is to ensure that all multiple address emails are sent BCC, then always ensure that there is both an opt in button from the landing page website with a link in an email to confirm permission to send marketing material to the designated email address. Make sure also that it is very easy to unsubscribe from receiving further material although a reader may have been lost it does not necessarily mean the customer will desert you.

Once the safeguards are in place to protect subscribers then it is time to begin the email marketing campaign in earnest, and how you conduct the advertising will be your choice, it can be accomplished by sending marketing material to email address lists that are either built up from existing subscribers. Or they can if budget permits be purchased from different sources where you can get new prospective subscribers related to your particular niche. To be effective email marketing needs to capture the reader’s attention whilst making them want to visit the site where the products are for sale.

To make this a reality there needs to be some clear concise information that will make the reader curious to see what is being offered. Perhaps there can be the offer of extra bonus products, or some form of E-book that can be downloaded free when they purchase the product from the site. Whatever form of information or product that is being advertised then any free offers will capture the reader’s attention and make them more likely to click on a link embedded in the email that will direct them to the product sales page.

Because an email marketing campaign is direct marketing then it is also a useful tool for garnering repeat sales. When a customer buys from the product site the email address can be saved and when further promotions are being planned if these people who have purchased from your site previously are targeted first then they can be offered extra discounts or bonuses. This could well encourage them to purchase from you again, of course there are other ways to use email campaigns and one of these is for viral marketing which can be done through sites like you tube or the popular social networking sites.

Email marketing is a very effective tool for getting your message across and if you have a product that is worthy of people’s attention then you should not be afraid to unleash its power.

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