Unique Uses of SEO


SEO doesn’t have to be boring monotonous work (that better describes link building). You can also have a little fun with it. The best part is that some of these fun terms are easy to rank for since they don’t have a lot of competition. If you keep the terms localized, you could find yourself near the top of Google in just a couple days. Here are three fun uses for SEO.

1. Impress the Opposite Sex – These days it seems like everyone has a smart phone. Access to the internet and search engines like Google has never been easier. Why don’t you have a little fun with SEO and impress that special tech savvy special someone? Using SEO techniques you could cause your own website or personal blog to rank for a term like: “Your Absolute Perfect Match in Toronto”.

The term itself is probably not searched too often, so the competition will be low. Now the key is to get your site to rank for that term. When your site is number one for that term on Google you can have some fun. Next time you are out in a social situation and you meet someone. After getting to know them, tell them to break out their phone and do a Google search for that term. Instead of searching have them hit “I’m feeling Lucky”. If your site is first for that term in Google they will instantly be brought to your site. Feeling lucky, indeed!

2. Impress Your Friends – Much like the above technique, this is all about fun. The goal here is to rank for terms your buddies will find funny or impressive. Long tail terms like “Coolest Guy in *Your City* ” and terms like that. Ranking for keywords like these won’t result in any financial gain, but a one up on your friends can be priceless. Surprisingly enough, these terms can help you if you are trying to sell SEO offline as well. No one will know how hard it is to rank for those long tail terms so if you show them your website coming up for a funny term like that, they will appreciate it.

3. Diffuse the Bad Press – We have all heard the saying, that “Any press is good press”. My guess is that statement was written by someone who never has received bad press. Regardless, by helping your, or your companies’ website rank highly within the search engines, as well as having an online presence by participating in the various social media platforms, you can are able to move the so called “bad press” further down the search engine rankings.

At the end of the day, SEO is all about getting your website to rank for terms that send traffic and profit to your site. That said, there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun now and again. A lot of these “fun” terms can be easy to rank for. if you find yourself getting bored with SEO, have some fun. The results might not make you money, but it will make you smile.

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