Understanding The Local Search Marketing Experience


As local search marketing has become popular with consumers it is quickly becoming an alternative marketing tool to the familiar yellow pages. The Internet allows businesses to target their marketing to prospects in a defined area. Many businesses engage outside firms to handle their this with the three major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as several less known search engines.

Yellow page advertising is usually quite expensive, particularly if a business contracts for a large display ad. Local marketing is far less expensive as advertisers generally pay on a per click basis. Reportedly, marketing locally is quite effective with more than 849 million local searches made each month, and,based on 2009 data estimates are for 30 billion local searches made annually. Moreover, reports claim that nearly half of all searches for local business resulted in a consumer visiting a local business. Consumers seem to prefer using the Internet over the yellow pages. An Internet search tells the consumer place, phone number, web-site, hours of operation and even may map how to get to the business location as well as provide consumer reviews. Internet local targeting offers the consumer way more than the yellow pages do. Consumer behavior indicates that the yellow pages is not the first place they go to search for a business, that has become a strength of the Internet.

In addition, the use of Internet marketing is finely tuned to a businesses’ operating area. The three main search engines are able to provide geo-specific marketing based on the searcher’s IP address. Many business owners use the services of companies that specialize in this kind of marketing. If keyword competition makes an effective plan too costly with the big three search engines they know which alternative search engines offer the best return on investment. Experts may also place your ads with the big three and use some of the smaller search engines. Some search engines such as Merchant’s Circle are free to list a business in. A local marketing expert is aware of these engines too.

Many business owners fail to comprehend how huge this type of marketing has become. They have delegated the web site management and key word advertising to a person who is a computer enthusiast and then wonder why their Internet marketing is not working. Their core competency is their business, a local marketing firm’s is Internet marketing.

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