Uncover Press Release Writing Opportunities by Viewing Your Business Through A New Lens


Most business owners are so immersed in the daily tasks of running their businesses that they overlook details that are interesting to others. In doing so, they miss valuable opportunities to issue online press releases that build their brands, and help them gain traction in the search engines. This problem affects those who run small companies as well as those who spearhead large, multinational brands. We’ll present an example below.

My goal in this article is to show you how to observe your business through a fresh promotional lens. We’ll present several ideas you can use to launch an ongoing string of press releases your audience will find interesting, informative, and engaging. Before we do so, however, it’s worth taking a look at how one company harnessed a single “boring” detail about their operations, and used it to command their market.

How One “Boring” Detail Relaunched An Empire

Nearly a century ago, a struggling beer company called Schlitz Beer was having trouble making headway in its market. Its sales volume and market prominence among consumers were well behind that of its competitors. Desperate to gain market share – or at least prevent a further erosion of sales – the company hired a copywriter named Claude Hopkins.

Back then, one of the most important aspects of beer was its level of purity. Because consumers at the time placed a high priority on “pure” beer, every brewery claimed its beer was the purest of the lot. But few actually offered proof. Hopkins recognized the opportunity, and moved forward with one of the brashest promotional campaigns of his time.

Hopkins focused on an aspect of beer production that was overlooked by every one of Schlitz’s competitors: the process of making “pure” beer. He looked closely at the pipes over which beer dripped; he studied the filtering system; he explored the deep wells from which the water was pumped; and he noted how every component of the brewing process was cleaned meticulously twice each day.

It is important to realize that every brewery at the time was making beer via the same process. For this reason, most breweries never imagined the process was worth highlighting. They ignored a boring detail that Hopkins and Schlitz leveraged.

The result? Several months following the launch of Schlitz’s new ad campaign, their sales had catapulted them to the position of best-selling brewery in America. This, despite the fact their beer was no purer than that produced by their competitors.

This story offers a valuable lesson in the context of your online press releases. Do you often neglect details about your company that others might find interesting? These details could serve as material for an ongoing stream of powerful press releases.

Newsworthy Ideas To Promote For Added Exposure

First, realize there are many aspects about your business that are newsworthy. Second, recognize that events happen constantly related to your company that your audience wants to know about. Here are a few ideas:

Industry Awards – An award highlighting your products, services, or efforts in your industry helps position your business as an authority. Distribute a press release to let your audience know.

Fundraisers And Charitable Events – Whether your company is the host or sponsor, these events need as much exposure as possible. This is a perfect reason to issue a press release. Not only does it inform others regarding how they can participate, but it also promotes your business.

Product Launch Or Update – Large companies spend millions of dollars launching new products. They realize the success of a new product depends heavily on gaining rapid exposure for it. Smaller businesses can leverage the same idea by issuing online press releases that become indexed in the search engines.

New Employees Or Partners – Bringing someone aboard – whether as an employee or partner – can be newsworthy for several reasons. This person might bring significant experience to your company; he or she may have a unique perspective of your industry; or, this person might give your business credibility in your market. These and other reasons should prompt you to issue a press release.

Relevant Local News Stories – There is a treasure trove of local – and even national – news stories that share connections with your industry. Google News is one of many resources you can use to uncover these stories. A well-crafted press release can present a news angle that includes your company in the context of the story.

The ideas above are merely scratching the surface of possible angles you can use to write an informative, engaging press release. The takeaway is to avoid overlooking details of your business that might offer a powerful promotional opportunity.

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