Types of Search Engine Marketing Services for Businesses


There are many types of search engine marketing services offered to businesses that either don’t have a website or have a website which needs follow-up help. Each of these packages offers unique benefits and listed below are the benefits of 3 packages offered by many SEO firms.

The 4 Month SEO Package

The 4 month search engine marketing services package for businesses includes an initial briefing to help the client understand their own requirements and the desired outcomes. This type of SEO package also includes research focused on keywords and research focused on the market along with the competitor’s keywords. On page optimization along with back-end services are also offered in the 4 month package. 3 months ongoing SEO services along with a detailed SEO report are also provided to the clients who opt for this particular package. Clients are also included in a de-briefing meeting to discuss if the results have been satisfactory or not. Clients who are interested in continuing with additional SEO help can opt for the monthly packages.

Monthly Packages

The monthly packages offered by companies who offer search engine marketing services are ongoing packages to help clients with follow-up questions or assistance. These packages are usually purchased by clients who have first purchased the 4 month package. Depending on the competition, your website and your requirements, the search engine marketing service provider will advice you if you require ongoing monthly packages or not. Monthly SEO packages can be further divided into three categories that are Monthly Domination SEO, Monthly Expansion SEO and Monthly Boost SEO.

SEO Report

An SEO report helps business owners understand various facts about their own website and their competitor’s website. The SEO report elaborates on various details about the client’s website such as on-page optimization factors, content, current traffic, current statistics, popular pages and bounce rate. The SEO report also elaborates on various details about the competitor’s website such as SEO factors, traffic sources, high impact search queries and upstream along with downstream websites. An SEO report can give valuable insight to the client about his current website and how it must be optimized to meet the set goals.


SEO packages are ideal for people who do not have a website and are in the process of creating one where as monthly packages are ideal for people who have a website and need additional help. The monthly SEO report offered by various search engine marketing services companies are usually requested by clients before they purchase an ongoing contract with the SEO firm.

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