Two Simple Tips For Increasing Your Email Optin Rate


If you are using email marketing to promote your products or services (and you really should be), then getting as many people as possible to opt-in to your list and read your messages needs to be fairly high on your to-do list. So in this article, I’m going to give you a couple of simple ideas that will help you to increase the number of people who opt-in to hear from you, so you can get a lot more eyeballs looking at your email messages.

By far the easiest way to increase your email opt-in rate is to find out exactly what your readers want. And the best way to know for sure is to survey the people you already have on your list. Just come right out and ask them to tell you exactly what they would like to know. Ask them what their biggest problem is, or what keeps them awake at night. And once you know what that thing is, create a report or video that helps them over that obstacle, and offer it to new visitors to your site to as an incentive to join your list.

Find A Starving Crowd, And Give Them What They Are Hungry For

As legendary copywriter Gary Halbert always said, the simplest way to sell anything is to find a starving crowd, ask them to tell you exactly what they want, and then sell it to them. It’s the same with getting people to opt-in to your list. If you find out exactly what your visitors want, and then you show them how to take the first three or four steps towards getting it, a lot of people will join your list because they’re going to be showing them how to start moving towards their goal. Then you can sell them the rest of the solution much more easily, because you’ve already helped them to get started, and they like and trust you because of that.

It’s just like fishing; if you closely match the bait you are using to what the fish are hungry for, you’re going to catch a lot more fish than if you just throw anything into the water. By continually testing your opt-in offer, including things such as the actual lead magnet, the headline on your opt-in page, the page copy, the button color, and asking for a name and email address or just an email address, you will find the best combination of factors that works for your market.

Testing One Thing At A Time Will Improve Your Results

But remember, it’s important that you only test one variable at a time, and give that test time to give statistically relevant results, which is normally 100 to 200 visitors who see the offer, or your tests won’t be valid.

And of course, you always want to give visitors to your website, your store or your offline business every opportunity to join your list. The better your lead magnet and opt-in offer, the easier it’s going to be to get them to part with their contact information. And the simple fact is, email marketing works, and the more your list grows, the more money you’re going to make in your business.

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