Transition Your Email Subscribers From Free Content Into Paid Content


It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, it doesn’t matter if you are providing a product or a service, the biggest and best boost you can make to your online business right now is to start a mailing list. It can be as simple as posting a forum on your blog asking people to sign up for updates or it can be as complex as capturing the email addresses of your buyers and even giving away something for free in exchange for signing up. But once someone gets onto your email opt-in subscriber list, how do you get them to start responding to your paid offers again whether this is a product or a service and buy from you?

You do it by announcing what’s coming, demonstrating higher value and above all, be okay with your email unsubscribes. I don’t know if you’re at the point where you have a large list of subscribers and they’re all used to free offers or you’re building your list for the first time but you want to avoid being stuck in the friend zone, which means you’re always giving away free stuff and therefore your subscribers only expect free offers from you.

You are going to have to make a change and this will mean that some paid offers are coming up. This might mean that you have to email every day or at least the more frequently and what you should do is give your subscribers a heads up. Tell them upfront that you will be emailing them more often, that you will be talking to them in a more personal way and that you may be marketing offers to them that you think will be beneficial.

It’s okay to tell them what’s coming up and that way they will not feel betrayed or that there has been some kind of a bait and switch. You told them ahead of time you will be emailing more often and then you simply do that.

When you email more often, you want to have more hands on approach. I’ll sometimes send emails asking people to tell me what their problem is or for example, how big their email list is, how many articles they have online, how many blog post they have, how often they blog? It’s fun to send an email or a question to your subscribers and get the results.

What you want to do also is tell them what you have been doing. Tell them what you’re working on. Tell them how they can benefit as well and don’t be shy, don’t be afraid to tell them what they should be doing from now on. After all, they joined your email list, you want to demonstrate a higher value and teach them something that they will get a benefit from.

When you talk to your list more often, when you have an opinion and when you present offers to them, some people will unsubscribe. That’s just a fact of life and that’s part of the rules that when you setup an email opt-in list, you will allow people to unsubscribe. But it’s okay if people occasionally unsubscribe for your newsletter, it just wasn’t a right fit and those people just do not like your message and would not have bought from you to begin with. In fact, if they had remained on your list they would have brought you down, they would have been a pain to deal with. So, it’s fine if people do not necessarily remain on your opt-in list.

To transition yourself from free to paid content, announce what’s coming, demonstrate a higher value and expect some unsubscribes.

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