Transcripts Will Assist Your Marketing


Obviously social networking is a way to market your business for free; it just simply requires you investing your time. Now, if time is the one thing you do not have then maybe it would be best for you to try dictation. You can record the content and send the audio to be transcribed.

Here are some examples of using a transcription service:

Blog Posts

Blogs are great marketing tools. They can drive a great deal of traffic to your business website. Keywords can be used, and you can link to the main pages of our site. This will improve your SEO results, and help build your business presence.

Now, finding time to write a blog is not always easy. Dictating your blog is quicker and easy. Get a Transcription Service that offers to post and format the content and you have. If you have a list of keywords, dictate those as well, your post will be optimized for search terms as well.


Write articles for articles sites like, EzineArticles, post comments on blogs relevant to your industry. These activities generate traffic to your blog, and help to establish you as an expert in your industry. Giving information and guidelines on where you want your content posted, a transcription service can keep your online publicity campaign active.

Podcasts and Videos

Seems like more and more people are uploading podcasts and videos to their websites, unfortunately search engines like, Google, regardless of their advanced algorithms, cannot extract keywords or search terms from these casts. As a result, some of the most valuable and informative content on your site may be over looked in search engine results, lowering your visibility and robbing you of potential customer views.

Having a transcript available ensures search engines will collect the information and find relevant topics to link to. Potential clients can print your transcripts that will help them to remember your business. If you have done a series of podcasts on a particular topic you can take the transcripts and with a bit of editing you will have a brand new eBook or Ecourse ready to sell in no time at all.

Think of transcription as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION LOVE. You can take your transcripts and add it to your website, feeding the search engines loads of good content to crawl and bring new traffic new readers, and new listeners to your site. You can even give it away for free. Your can offer your podcast transcripts to your newsletter subscribers as an extra bonus for subscribing.

So you see, transcribing podcast and video content is very worthwhile for your website. I am pretty sure you can see how the “old fashioned” art of transcription can add loads of value to your website as well as to your potential clients experience. It is a simple process because you already have the content, just not in a searchable format, which is where professional transcribers like myself can add real value to your digital content.

Can you share any other ways you have utilized a transcription service to assist with your online marketing campaigns?

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