Track Keyword Effectively – SEO Fundamentals


Track keywords, that’s the blood of the business. Basic concept of Internet marketing and search engine optimization is simple, you have to think as if you were a customer searching for something of interest related to what you have to offer.

Track keywords Smarter

What would you type into that Google Search Bar?

Online marketing is simply about finding a highly searched keyword or phrase and identifying how many competitors you have fighting for that same keyword on the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc..

– Choose keywords that RELATES to what your website is offering whether it’s e-commerce, reviews, knowledge, discussion, etc.

– Track keywords that are unique and low in searches. There are website keyword finder tools that can help you apply strategic keyword criteria that will get you more organic leads on Google.

– Avoid using highly searched keywords that are commonly put into Google like work from home jobs as an example. If you type that into a search engine the competition would be to massive for a new internet marketer starting up to compete against and that’s why most newbies don’t make too much money and give up after a few months.


When you track keywords you have to have a criteria for which battles you’re going to pick when it comes to fighting the competition over choosing the right keywords to optimize. There may be many competitors after the same keyword you’re looking for, however if they have a low page rank, backlinks and content than your chances of getting ahead of them on Google has risen dramatically. If they are top dogs with the opposite of lows, you might want to consider choosing a different keyword so you don’t end up wasting time using a keyword that is already dominated by other marketers. Market Samurai is a highly recommended tool that identifies and finds ways to cut the competition.

Fuel of Internet Marketing Businesses

If you want your car to drive you need gas, if you want your internet business to run smoothly you need to track keywords, bottomline. Keywords draw new users to your website organically through self- interest. By properly leveraging the right “phrases” you can link your way to serious profits. It takes time to set some time out of your day to track keywords, however finding the right ones that fit within the right strategic keyword criteria will get you more money in the end.

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