Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Tips for Travel Agents


Travel Agents can leverage the enormously popular keyword of, travel, to acquire new clients online by using a set group of procedures, which will create positive results each time. It all starts with the keywords and then moves to a consistent procedure.

The keyword ‘travel’ by itself is not enough. Unless you create what is called a long tail keyword, you will end up competing with the major travel sites, which is no fun.

Developing several long tail keywords, will eventually, bring in more clients and business. Example: travel vs. budget travel to Hawaii, or travel vs. affordable tours to Rio, See the difference? The more information you put into a keyword phase, the more targeted your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign is. No, you may not get hundreds of thousands of hits, however, in time you will get a study flow of web visitors who are specifically interested in ‘budget travel to Hawaii’ or ‘affordable tours to Rio’

It is a good idea to think long and hard about what travel niche you want to be known for. Because if you change your niche in the future, a lot of your efforts will have been lost, except, that you will have created a great deal of quality back links to your web site, which no longer represent what you really do!

And on that same note, if you have not yet selected a domain name, you can incorporate your keywords into your domain name for an added boost in online exposure. Example: If your domain name is in time, your domain name will come up in the top of the search engines when someone puts in: budget travel Hawaii or budget travel to Hawaii!

It’s all about the keywords.

One way to utilize SEM, (Search Engine Marketing) to its fullest, is to create a small whirl wind around one particular travel deal and complete all of the following task, within a short period of time.

1. Select your keyword / destination

2. Find several keywords which express the benefits of the travel deal, use them often.

3. Write an article – and have it submitted to multiply article directories

4. Write a couple blog posts on the travel deal – this should initiate the RSS Feed and the pinging action

5. Make a post on: Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn (don’t forget your favorite forums)

6. Have a promotional video created and submit to as many video sharing sites as possible

7. Send out an email blast to your email list, about the travel deal

8. Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper, or, submit the travel deal to social bookmarking sites

9. Be sure that all of your blog post, are automatically sent to your RSS Feed, which, if set up correctly will ping the RSS Feeds

10. Write and have an e-Press Release distributed. (Professionally if possible)

All of the above steps should be done for each of your travel deals. After you do this three or four times, you will immediately begin to see an increase in your web site’s visitors (statistics).

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