Top Search Engine Ranking Facts And Don’ts


If you are an avid internet marketer would you just be contented sitting there and wait until visitors visit your website? Granted you have earned enough advertisers and frequent readers to support your living but would it last? Every day that you waste confidently assuming you will never run out of subscribers, two or three websites same as your services are created-this time more convincing and better than you can offer. Maybe you are confident with your content, but the business world is competitive wherever you take them, may it be in print, tv or online. So to assure you are always one step ahead, make sure you are always included in the top search engine ranking in any search engine.

Your competitors may also want to desire your popularity. So they would definitely use sophisticated SEO and linking techniques in order to gain a one step ahead from you. In order to appear more serious and dedicated, you have to use a decisive technique of making your website more popular and more attractive not just for your frequent visitors, but also for potential subscribers.

For example, you are assured that your site is linked to many sites and have been ranked by the Google as full of quality page. However, take note that a site with quality back links is better than a site with numerous back links that are ranked by the search engine as garbage links. Quality links are sites that have been operational for more than a year and have several pages of quality pages. The basic principle here is that, the older the back-link website is, the more powerful it can be in terms of helping newbies in becoming popular.

For example, a one year old website is liked enough by Google, and a two years old website can already pull your new website up, but imagine a five year old website as your back link? You can already expect a top search engine ranking in Google, MSN or Yahoo even if you just have one or two back links from these old, powerful websites rather than having more than ten back links from “garbage websites.”

It is also important that your back-links are relevant to your website. Imagine a website for “seo services” for example linking with “basketball equipments.” That would send your site to the drain. For good search engine ranking services, they should guarantee that your links should be placed in appropriate positions on the website’s page. Search engines measure a site’s popularity through blocks. The more visible your link is, the more traffic you will gain in return.

So at this very instant your competitors might have already discovered this fact and might have already been working overtime in order to link with these powerful and popular websites. But be careful though because some top search engine ranking services as an alternative uses “black-hat” schemes in order to increase traffic in their client’s website. Take caution of these services for in the long run, your website might be totally banned from any search engine.

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