Top 5 Benefits Of Effective Email Marketing


E- Newsletter and email marketing are considered to be the most useful way for making conversions with respect to the survey based on the effectiveness of the advertisements, specially made by Forbes Media. According to the experts the budget of worldwide email marketing will increase from 11.8 billion dollars in the year 2008 to 27.7 billion dollars by the year 2013. Normal email marketing which is meant for the customers that are already existing makes an increase of about 15 – 50% in gross online commerce.

It is involuntary:

The Email marketing possesses a tool which is referred to as “autoresponder” and it is similar to “autopilot” used for campaigns. After someone has registered on your newsletter, you can deliver a message for the campaign on fussy days. Now you just need to create messages and plan the release from the autoresponder. When these messages are released by the autoresponder they will be automatically delivered to the subscribers on your list.

Generally, just about 10% of the subscribers buy after viewing a single email. Generally it needs up to 5 or 6 emails before the subscribers buy. Thus automating the messages is not just enough, you need to be conscious about constantly attracting them.

Cost Effectiveness:

This method is 5 times better than that of direct mail as it is costing very little. It is possible for you to double the paybacks on your investment in email marketing in a single campaign.


In this modern world the most efficient and reasonable tool for marketing is electronic mail. Along with being reasonable in rates, it has a better response than that of direct mails and advertisements. Nowadays email is considered to be the finest tool for rising web traffic.

It is tractable and immediate:

It helps to generate speedy responses and it does leave a digital mark which can be calculated instantly. Along with general offerings like open, delivery rates and click through, the popular providers of Email Services offer tools that calculates sale, file downloads conversions, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations, social bookmarking and et al.

It is besieged:

It is an efficient method for managing certain contacts and generating a targeted list. Through just a few of the clicks, you will be able to section your contacts by using various criteria, like purchasing history, interests or demographics. In this manner you can lure your subscribers to buy the products that you promote.

Most of the “Autoresponders” offer all the required materials and tools like web forms, HTML templates, autoresponders’ messages, targeting capabilities and list segmentation. They also offer automatic reporting and tracking. These materials and tools made the system of email marketing easier.

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