Top 3 Tips for Successful Email Marketing


Email marketing has been given a bad name from spammers and companies sending out mass unsolicited email campaigns. But when executed correctly, email marketing can be extremely effective.

If you want your email marketing strategy to make a difference, there are three things you need to consider.

What your email looks like:

Your emails must look good. They need to be well designed and they should read well. You should vary the size of your text and make titles and bullet points bold to add interest. It’s surprising how much small details like this can keep your reader’s attention. An email for marketing sometimes needs images too. These can be part of the design, your logo or even images of your product and team members. If you are planning to send out regular emails, whether they are weekly, monthly or annually, they should look consistent; colour schemes, layout, imagery. That way, you’re maintaining and strengthening your brand identity.

What your email says:

Your email should contain an offer i.e money-off vouchers or a discount code. You have to encourage your subscribers to read your email and take part in your promotion. Your offer will be the focus and the draw of your email, so it’s a good idea to include this offer in the subject box. But remember to keep it short and sweet. Your email should be punchy, concise and get to the point quickly. Don’t ramble on in business speak. Instead, find a friendly, upbeat tone. Also, your subscriber wants to be addressed on a personal level, they’re much more like to respond to ‘Hey Tom’, than ‘Hi there’.

When and who you send your email to:

You need to send the email out to a targeted list of customers who have requested it. ‘Subscribers only’ means your customers will recognise your email and they’re more likely to read it. Receiving emails you haven’t requested is the online equivalent of cold-calling. Research shows that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most responsive days for email marketing. It makes sense that by Tuesday, your subscribers will have recovered from the previous weekend but by Thursday, they’ll already be thinking of the next weekend. So, by catching them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you’re far more likely to get through. Similarly, sending your emails out on the same day and at the same time means your subscribers will come to expect your emails, making them far more receptive to what you have to say.

If you follow these rules, then email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers.

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