Top 10 Benefits of Article Marketing for Small Business Owners


Article marketing is one of the best ways to increase popularity of a company’s website. It is especially useful for small businesses that cannot spend thousands of dollars on online or offline advertising and marketing. It is extensively used by affiliate marketers to resell a product or service. Following are the top 10 reasons why article marketing is best for small businesses.

1. Attract Your Target Consumers
Buyers seek information before buying any product or service, and article directories help them learn more about a particular product or service. If after reading the article, a potential customer is convinced about the benefits of the product then the person clicks the link at the end of the article and tries to check more information or buy the product from the company’s website. It means visitors to the company’s website coming from article directories are genuine potential customers.

2. Establish Your Authority
Before buying any product or service, a person seeks advice or information from an expert. Information presented in the article helps establish the writer’s authority on the subject. It helps establish a long-term relationship with a product user.

3. Free Backlinks for Your Website
It is an established fact that a website that gets maximum number of backlinks from high-ranking websites is preferred by the search engines like Google. Article directories allow authors to place backlinks at the end of the articles. An article that is informational is also used by hundreds or even thousands of bloggers and website owners. This way, the number of backlinks multiplies considerably.

4. Cost Effective
Article marketing for small businesses is the most cost-effective option to advertise on the Internet. It is the cheapest marketing option for individual marketers who can write authoritatively on the subject and build a small business around it.

5. Brand Recognition
Whether it is an offline or an online business, the success of the business depends on getting maximum brand recognition. When articles are placed in various directories then the brand gets increased recognition.

6. Additional Visibility for Your Business
Usually search engines are the most preferred source of information. However, Internet users check information through other websites, blogs and article directories as well. This helps a small business reduce its dependency on search engines.

7. Permanent Traffic for Your Website
Once an article has been published, it keeps generating traffic permanently. As long as the product or service remains useful to a user, the article will be read by potential consumers.

8. Can Be Used by Any Size Business
Article marketing can be used by small as well as large size businesses. It is especially valuable for small business owners because they can reduce or eliminate their online advertising and marketing costs.

9. Immediate Sale Opportunities
Generally, only people who are really interested in a product or service read a particular article. It means they have already made up their mind to buy the product or service and do not require much convincing. While the potential buyer is going through the article, the person is finally convinced about the usability of the product and decides to buy it.

10. Additional Revenue for Your Bottom Line
Article marketing can be an effective source of additional income for small businesses and marketers. The best part is that in this type of marketing there are no additional advertising costs. A well-written article keeps generating revenue for years to come.

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