Tips To Irresistible Email Copy


Whatever business you have and whatever products or services you offer, you should stick to several important rules when writing email copy. Here are some tips on what it takes to write email copy that actually sells.

– Know Who You’re Talking To

You have to determine exactly who your audience is before you begin to write your email sales letter. Ask yourself some questions – What do your prospects want? Why should your prospects trust and believe you? What is it that frustrates your prospects most? Who is your competition? Why should your prospects respond or buy from you instead of someone else? What kinds of appeals will your target market respond to?

– Your Subject Line Is Key

Before an email will generate any results, the recipients need to open it. What can you do to spark their interest? Your subject line is the Key. There are different types of email formulas you should use as a guide when crafting your emails. Each type has different psychological appeal that can work magic on prospects. Here are some examples:

– State a powerful benefit – This Product Satisfies Your Need for Leads
– Pique curiosity – This Product Has Uncovered the Secrets of Success
– Offer Immediate Gratification – You can start to make money before the sun goes down tonight

Write at least 15 subject lines before you decide on which one to use. Take the best two and test them against each other in your marketing campaign to see which returns the best results.

– What’s In It For Them

Write down every conceivable benefit that your product has to offer. Don’t confuse features with benefits – Features describe what the product is; Benefits describe the results from using the product. Here’s a rule of thumb when writing benefits: ask yourself “what can my service or product do for your customers”? Then, write your email copy telling your readers “What’s in it for them”. Tell them how much better they will feel, how much time they will save using your system or how many more leads their ads will generate.

– Appeal to Their Emotions

When doing any type of promotion, you must remember that customers buying decisions are based up emotion. You need to determine what emotional “hot buttons” you need to push to jumpstart your potential prospects.

For example: If you are selling health products, concentrate on their fear of illness with “A natural way to lower cholesterol”. Other button triggers include greed, curiosity, vanity or fear of security.

– Build Trust

Before potential customers will buy your product, you must make them believe your offer is credible and that it will deliver as promised.

Here are ways you can build credibility:

– Provide testimonials for your product or services
– Include endorsement letters from authority figures in your niche market
– Make your promises and offers believable and sincere

– Offer A Guarantee

In today’s market, trying to sell anything without some type of guarantee will be a losing proposition. It is a must to have one, and the stronger your guarantee, the better responses you will have. Although most customers will not ask for a refund, they will have more trust in your offer knowing that you stand behind it.

– Don’t Forget to Ask for The Order

Unfortunately this happens all the time. Someone makes a terrific sale presentation and then doesn’t close the deal because they didn’t ask for the oder or made the process of ordering too confusing. Statistics show that you will need to ask for an order at least 3 times before making substantial sales.

If you can, you should offer several ways for your customers to place an oder; people love choices. But, if you only offer 1 way to order, make it very clear and show them how easy it is. Describe it in detail, ask for the order, and then ask again.

This is not the be all and end all of copywriting techniques but they will definitely help you jump over some of the hurdles that are standing in your way!

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