Tips to Customize the “404 Error, File Not Found” Page on E-Commerce Websites


Simply starting an online e-commerce website to earn money doesn’t fulfill your need. For the proper functioning of your site you have to take in to consideration several factors. The technical department handling the functioning of your website always has to be on its toe to ensure its smooth operation.

At times some page on your website is not functional and shows “404 error, File not found” message on the screen to the visitor going to that page. However this ugly message is set by default and possesses the power to put a stop to future dealings with your online shopping store. For this reason, it is essential to make a customized 404 error page for your site. As compared to other error pages, customizing your 404 error page is very important as the message displayed on the site must be able to direct lost visitors back to your main website.

404 errors are most unavoidable ones. Be it the best of online digital music store or the digital book world,every website has to serve a 404 error at least once in a while. Whether you wrongly typed a link, the visitors misspelled the page name in address bar or any such things, at some point or another it happens that your server sends 404 error messages.

What your 404 page must contain:

• Apology for taking to the wrong page: In case your visitor mistakenly typed the wrong address or you mistakenly made a broken link on the site, it is your mistake for not taking visitors to the page they are looking for. Now it is your responsibility to wisely explain your visitor that they have mistakenly typed O for 0 or vise a versa by making a custom message for this page.

• Something to inform that they are on the right website: The nasty 404 message can make your visitor feel he/she is on the wrong site, so it is important to let them know that they are on the correct domain. Place your company’s name or logo, or both that will indicate them that they are on the right website.

• A box that allows you to search for your website: Your visitor gets the error message then it means that he/she is obviously on the wrong page. What could be better then guiding them back to the right page? Yes you can do that by placing a search tab on the page that allows them to look for what they want.

• Link to your homepage or sitemap: At times the visitor is looking home page of the site and or any other page but unfortunately got landed to the error page. So place a link of your sitemap or home page while customizing the 404 error document.

However putting information on this error page doesn’t mean that you will simply stuff you sites with all the information. You must remember that it is the 404 error page and not your homepage. Just be clear about what your user must be informed about and place information that will help them get back to your site without any hassles.

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