Tips on Using Pay Per Click Advertising for Better ROI


Pay per click advertising is a great way to give exposure to your business and reach out to a highly targeted audience. Most companies are using popular pay per click platforms such as Google AdWords to get immediate visibility and establish business credibility. However, for some of them, pay per click campaigns and Google AdWords turn up to be a rather expensive proposal because of poor advertising skills. In order to make the most of your Google AdWords pay per click campaign and to maximise the return on investment, you should adopt the following tips:

  • Run a negative campaign- This is one way of getting highly targeted visitors to your website, who have a higher possibility of converting into your customers. Negative keywords allow you to create an ad that would drive only serious buyers to your ad and cut down the non-serious visitors. This is a very cost-effective way of monetizing through your pay per click advertising campaign. The use of negative keywords in your ad copy has to be done carefully, so that the right audiences are compelled to reach to you and non-serious users are driven away.
  • Geo-targeting- Google AdWords works best in case of local targeting. When you target your PPC ad for a particular location, where you think you might get most visitors, you can get great value for money. Geo-targeting prevents wastage of PPC money because otherwise anybody from across the globe may click on your ad for the business that is located in a small city in Australia. Through local targeting, such circumstances can be avoided and you can get useful visitors to your site and your local store.
  • Have a catchy ad- The content of the ad copy should be concise yet extremely innovative and appealing to the users so that they may find it useful and worth visiting. In pay per click advertising, the competition is intense and so it is important to distinguish your ad from others. The message in the ad campaign should have a unique call-to-action.
  • Use long-tail keywords- Long tail keywords are generally short key phrases that are related to your product/service/brand. Many times, users prefer to search for a website by typing a key phrase, such as “IT solutions for small businesses.” When you use such a key phrase in your ad copy, you would get only those visitors who want IT services for small businesses,.
  • Run multiple ads on same keywords/phrases- Many a times, when you begin your Google AdWords campaign, you need to publish multiple ad copies with different content using same keywords. This way, you can stick to the copy that performs best and withdraw all others.

By incorporating all these elements in your pay per click campaign, you can optimise your return on investment and rope in more business.

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