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Listened to a great training call with Michelangelo Perez in Empower Network and he shares how to get your ‘list’ converting super fast no matter what Biz Op or MLM you are promoting…

These are just some of the training calls we get as part of the Inner Circle training on Empower Network.

Most people think they have to collect a HUGE list over 20k or more. Let me tell you after listening to Michelangelo this is a pure myth.

He earned over $400k with a list size of 13K. Personally my list is no where near this size, more like a couple of thousand, but hey we all got to start somewhere, right!

What I learned

List size does not matter.

It’s how you engage and interact with your list that will get people to open your emails and eventually ‘bond’ with you and build that trust and rapport.

You know you have made it when you still starts responding to your emails, you know they are engaging with you.

Leads are like fine wine, they need to mature with time. There will be people on your list that will wait to see if you succeed, they will be waiting to see if you jump into other programmes. There will be leads waiting to get to see if you are genuine or not, and that takes time.

Whatever it is you are promoting, you need to put all your eggs in one basket and watch it grow. You need to be consistent with your message, your content, your allegiance with the business you are promoting.

Driving leads to your landing or Biz Op page -99% have been beat up by a MLM Biz Op, or their sponsor has entered the witness protection program and gone underground, or they are already in an MLM or Biz Op.

The person who wins is the person instead of sending an email to join my program, send out value that will help them. The person who wins is the person who says I can help you no matter what you are already in.

When you position yourself to help someone no matter what they are in, you will be the one who they turn to.

Take the time out to create valuable content, videos, podcasts, blog posts. Send something out that is passionate from the heart, that you have learned.

Build a TRIBE not a list. Tribes, will stick with you, people can unsubscribe from lists.

If you share what you are doing with your business, with your teams, how you are recruiting and getting results, this may be useful to others.

Collect email addresses – this is the key to building your list, but building rapport will help you maintain and keep your list.

When you treat your list right, you list will treat you right.

Become A Good Copy Cat

  • Subscribe to people who are making a splash in the business arena that you are wanting to get into
  • it’s not just about subscribing to the gurus list, look at newbies, look at the people who have taken coaching programmes, look at what they are doing, and you will get the benefit of the coaching that they have PAID for… for FREE!
  • swipe copy and make it your own – don’t just take a straight copy and blatantly re-use it. It is someone else’s copyright material, make it your own, use the same sentiments to get the message across.
  • use videos that you have viewed where you have had value, and re make it with your own ideas and swing on things.

Biggest Mistakes Marketers Do:

  • Spend a lot of money on marketing / solo ads and you don’t email enough
  • Remember that the emails you collect are not unique to you, they will be on others lists. It is how you promote yourself and the content that will help them that will get people opening your emails and reading them.
  • Autoresponders are not the answer to getting people to convert. It is a uniformed message that thousands of others are also sending out.
  • Other people / gurus will be in their inbox. What are you doing to stand out?
  • Just because they are in your list, doesn’t mean they will buy your products.

Converting to Your List

  • The person who collects and converts the most leads is the one who is just being yourself.
  • It takes time to build rapport, but providing value to your list in a consistent way will help to build rapport
  • Be yourself, and only promote one product to your list (if you have to segregate your list for products, then do so, it will reap rewards, as you will look consistent and not a person who jumps from programme to programme.
  • Invite people to connect with you via video message, podcasts or through your blog.
  • What other offers are you providing to people who do join up with you? how will it benefit them and not just you? It’s how you communicate, talk to, email and encourage your list that will get them to open your emails and not delete it.

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