Tips for Coming Up With Creative Subject Lines for Your Emails


The most important part of any email you sent out to your list is the subject line. Its only job is to get the reader to open and read the email. If that doesn’t happen, none of the rest of your email marketing matters. That’s why I spend more time crafting good subject lines then writing the actual email. Today I want to share three tips with you to come up with creative subject lines for your emails.

Create A Swipe File

I’m sure you are on several different email lists right now. Keep track of any emails you end up opening. Chances are they had good subject lines. Copy and paste those subject lines into a document in a swipe file on your computer.

Another great tip is to sign up for some of your biggest competitors email lists. I recommend setting up a new free email account for this so you don’t end up cluttering up your regular inbox. Look through the emails and use them for additional swipe file fodder.

Whenever you’re ready to send out a mailing and are need to come up with a good subject line, open up your swipe file and look through the ones in there until you come across something that works for your own mailing.

Look At Magazine Covers

Another great way to get your creative juices flowing is to look at magazine covers. Head to your local bookstore or browse through magazine covers online. Publishers spend a lot of time and money on figuring out what headlines make you buy and open their magazine. Put all that hard work to good use for your own email marketing campaigns.

Of course you’ll have to edit and tweak these headlines to make them fit your niche and the content of your email. Think of them as templates for your own headlines. For example, you may read the following headline on a women’s magazine “7 Reasons Your Diet is NOT Working”. Turn that into a list building headline by making it “7 Reasons your List is NOT Growing” or “7 Reasons Your Readers Aren’t Opening Your Emails”.

Keep Track Of What’s Working

Keep an eye on each email you send out. Whenever a subject line translates into a particularly high open rate, stick it in a special swipe file. Try to figure out why it was working so well and then create similar subject lines for future mailings.

I sent out a mailing last summer with that started with “My house was a mess…”. It went out to one of my niche sites and promoted a home organization ebook. The open rate was really good mainly because I was sharing something personal and slightly embarrassing. That’s a template I’ve been able to use over and over again across various niches with good results. Keep track of what’s working well for you and then see if you can duplicate it both for the same niche and list and for others.

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