Time To Tell BlueHost (Or Any Host) You’re In Business


Part 2 of a 2 part series: Your very first steps to a 1-Click WordPress Install

The first steps to setting up a WordPress website can be a little intimidating. If you purchased a domain name from GoDaddy and want to move it to BlueHost (or any host), last week you learned how to point your nameservers to BlueHost – which is the very first step toward getting your WordPress website installed. Now that the 36 hour verification process has passed, you’re ready to move onto step 2, and complete the domain name transfer.

Follow the instructions below, or, if you’re easily overwhelmed with the technical side of things, don’t hesitate to phone BlueHost customer service and ask them for help.

The important thing is to get your WordPress website up and running so you can attract your perfect customer, and increase your sales.

Before you begin you’ll need to have this information at your fingertips

1. BlueHost cPanel login (emailed from BlueHost when you first signed up)

2. Domain Name and Authorization Code (email together, from GoDaddy, after you pointed your name servers to BlueHost

3. Verification Code (sent in a separate email from GoDaddy, after pointing your name servers to BlueHost)

HOW to transfer a domain name purchased from GoDaddy, to BlueHost

1. go to BlueHost: http://www.bluehost.com/

2. click on the Control Panel Login in the upper right corner and log into your account

3. Make sure you are on the cPanel tab

4. Scroll down to the “Domain Management” category and click on “Transfer Domain”

5. Enter the Domain name you would like to transfer and click Continue

6. NOTE: this is your GoDaddy domain name which will become your website URL

7. Enter the Authorization Code (EPP Code) and click Continue

8. NOTE this code is alphanumeric and case sensitive

9. Enter the Admin Contact Verification confirmation and click Continue

10. If you have followed all the steps from the previous lesson on pointing your nameservers to BlueHost, your Domains Transfer page should look like this:

1. You can choose to keep “Autorenew” checked

2. “Contact information” can be edited

3. “Domain Privacy” can be checked to help prevent theft and spam, or you can use WordPress anti spam plugins to help prevent theft and spam

4. “Terms of Service” check this and then click Add to Cart

Congratulations! You can now move onto your WordPress 1-click Install on BlueHost.

If you missed the first part of this article, GoDaddy domain name transfer to BlueHost got you stuck at square one – it is at http://fieldsgraphicdesign.com/wp/wordpress/godaddy-domain-name-transfer-bluehost/

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