Time to Get Pinterested


It seems that you can’t read an article about social media at the moment without somebody waxing lyrical about Pinterest or Instagram. If you don’t know what they are then I can only assume that you’ve been hibernating, which given the current weather we’ve been having does sound rather attractive. Anyway, for the uninitiated, Pinterest is essentially a photo sharing website which allows you to create theme-based photo collections around such things as hobbies, interests, events etc. Instagram is similar in that it’s also a photo sharing service which gives you easy access to share across social media. You can also share video content through both.

Pinterest and Instagram are creating quite a buzz in the world of social media and more and more businesses are turning to them to share photographic and video content about their businesses. It’s particularly good for the creative types such as graphic designers, artists, animators etc who are having great fun creating their portfolios on these sites for all to see and share. However, it’s just as good for creating theme based product photos for businesses. In fact, Pinterest allows you to create business pages so that you can use it as a virtual shop front for your products and, according to Wikipedia, in a recent case study of a fashion website in the US, users that visited the website from Pinterest spent $180 compared to $85 from users coming from Facebook. The study also stated that users spent more time on the company’s Pinterest site than they did on their actual website which raises some interesting questions about driving sales.

Clearly, Pinterest and Instagram aren’t going to be useful for every business. Solicitors for example might find it difficult to create engaging photos about conveyancing, or Accountants might struggle to find some themed photos about tax returns but having said that, there’s nothing to stop them from putting videos on there, and video testimonials in particular might be useful. In fact, forward thinking businesses that already share their videos through YouTube are now also sharing them on sites like Pinterest because of the interest that is being generated.

So why am I telling you all this?

It’s just something else for you to think about when you are deciding upon your social media strategy. Sometimes we can have a bit of tunnel vision and think that it’s all about Facebook and twitter when in fact, there are other social media sites out there which might get you a better return.

Also, from an email marketing point of view, having rich and engaging content is what it’s all about so if you can create links to your Pinterest site then there is a great chance that you will increase engagement and have your content shared more frequently. Something to think about.

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